Musicians spend years mastering their craft, finding their style, and figuring out how to do both their own unique way. Bands break up, musicians stop playing alone, and a group will get together out of the love of the art to take part in one of the most special moments of music, the collaboration. With GRAMMY nominated albums, multiple critically acclaimed records, and academic prestige being qualities these six musicians bring to the table, Kaitlin McGaw and The Mr. Right Nows is a perfect example of a group of individually talented musicians caught in a moment of Bluesy Pop collaboration and bringing it home to the Bay Area.

The aforementioned Kaitlin McGaw along with Terry Thompson, David Fairchild, Dave Sampson, Bradley Hughes, and Nick Phillips might stand the test of time or they might wake up one morning and realize this all was a bad idea. However it works out, for tonight they feel just right.


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