Never short of ambition and desire to blur genre lines, McGaw at the same time gathered a team of musicians/producers of 4 Non Blondes, Marian McPartland, Ludacris, and Matt Nathanson to craft an album of Hip Hop, R&B, and funk songs…for kids. The Alphabet Rockers debut has solidified its place in top ranks of children's tastemakers while drawing record crowds through out the country for their educational and inspiring live show.

With her newest project, Kaitlin McGaw and the Mr. Right Nows, McGaw has found herself in the company of another group of prestigious artists creating a full band setting for her to showcase the strength and breadth of her vocal power, as well as her piano capabilities. Keeping their sights on the Bay Area for now, this five piece is bringing an unstoppable bluesy pop rock show to everyone lucky enough to catch them.

McGaw's passion and desire to make and share music keeps her busy and keeps her fans entertained. It's only a matter of time before she lets another project slip out from up her sleeve, but rest assured no matter if its jazz, rock, or even hip hop, once you hear that voice, you'll know it's Kaitlin McGaw.




Before everyone had an Ipod and cars came standard with an auxiliary connection, we spent a lot of time seeking the radio and listening to the in-store stations all full of musicians we rarely chose and often were unfamiliar with. Every once in awhile you'd hear a new song or artist you'd never heard with a voice you couldn't shake. Before the DJ could tell you that last song was a new Mary J. Blige or Natalie Merchant track, you knew, because of that voice. Even if it took you years to learn the artist's name, the vocals in a Tracy Chapman or Liz Phair song would always resonate with you, and once you learned who was responsible you never forgot.
Kaitlin McGaw is on track to fit right in the middle of a Podcast or mix cd with any of those artists. To call her voice "entrancing" may seem dramatic but upon the first listen, it's obvious she has the vocal talent to back it up, an increasingly impressive asset in the current Pop world of auto-tune and robot-rock. All of this is not to say McGaw is nothing but a voice. It's rather quite the opposite, as this Boston born turned Bay Area staple has a rather impressive track record and list of collaborators from Grammy winning producers to chart topping national musicians.

McGaw's debut album with The Simple Things was met with immediate praise including a nomination for "Best Performance" in the West Coast Songwriters competition. The three-piece vocal, piano, and bass trio brought vocal producer Raz Kennedy (Metallica, Counting Crows) on board to help create an album that Music Street Journal said fits "between jazz, soul, and moody modern progressive rock".

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